Thursday, March 14, 2013

Welcome To Twinkle Nail And Spa

Welcome to our blog! We are an upscale nail salon at the Granby end of Simsbury. We are located in the Holloways Plaza between Stamp And Scrap Nest LLC and Harvest Cafe. We opened in Monday, March 11, 2013.

There are many differences between our salon and other nail salons. One difference is, we DO NOT use acrylic nails. they look pretty when they're on, but once they are taken off, they ruin nails. our motto here at Twinkle, is 'Wellness and Beauty". We focus on making your nails healthy and beautiful. By not doing acrylic nails, we can prevent this.

Instead of acrylic nails, we use gel and silk wrap manicures. We use Shellac, and Gellish for the gel manicures. they are UV cured, they don't chip and they have a flawless mirror resembling finish. The silk wrap, adds a layer of silk to your nails to make them thicker and stronger, without giving your nails the look of having something on them. they look completely normal! this is very good for people with thin brittle nails.

Shellac Manicure

When you come in for a manicure, all customers receive a keratin glove. Keratin is a protein that is used to make nails and skin healthy and strong. It is a natural treatment that is no extra cost to you! It is healthier than the paraffin wax. It doesn't dry out your skin and is not greasy, leaving your hands smoother than ever.

Our salon also has a vary large selection of polish colours to choose from. We have a total of 233 regular nail polishes to choose from. In our gel polishes, we have 44 colours to choose from. 

Our nail dryers are Swan brand. They use LED light instead of UV rays. this is healthier for hands and nails. the air that runs through the dryer doesn't directly touch your skin as to not dehydrate your hands. 

We sanitize all of our metal equipment with a hospital grade autoclave. After the metal is sanitized, it is put in individual sealed wraps. This is so no outside contaminants get to the metal and cause infection. We have completely disposable nail files and buffers. each file and buffer is paired in a sealed sterile package. When they are used once, they are either given to the customer, or thrown out. If a customer chooses to have a pedicure and a manicure, the files that are used on their feet will not be used on their hands. Our technicians will use a different sterile file buffer pair.  

We offer 3 different spa pedicures: Purissima, Green Tea, and LCN. The Purissima spa pedicure is a completely organic treatment that is imported from Italy. The Green Tea spa pedicure is a treatment in which all of the products are made from green tea. The LCN spa pedicure is a lemon scented treatment that is imported from Germany.

To the first 100 customers, you will receive a surprise gift! Thank you for your support!

address: 1386 Hopmeadow st Simsburt CT 06070 
*across the street from the ice rink*
phone number: 860 - 217 - 1727